FAT Haco sells customised lathes to the Turkish market

Haco’s renewed range is a world player and a success at the important trade fairs, which has led to a few large worldwide sales. In addition to the many series and types of machines which are part of Haco’s standard production, we are also strong in highly customised machines. For instance FAT Haco, part of The Haco Group, have sold a customised lathe in Turkey. And the Turks want more.  


‘Producing big highly advanced lathes in a customised and affordable way is something that not many companies are able to do’, says Irek Ostrowski, Sales Director at FAT Haco. ‘However, Haco has so much expertise based on the development of its already highly advanced customised machines, that for a strongly knowledge and innovation driven company like Haco it is possible to take the step towards customised production. And keep it affordable.’

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Outstanding machine with impressive turning capacity

FAT Haco has recently supplied a heavy-duty solution for a Turkish steel plant - TUR 4MN 1,600 X 6,400’, Irek Ostrowski says, with some pride, about his latest achievement. ‘The machine has been produced specially for this client in the Turkish market. After 18 months of hard work, the project has successfully come to an end and the machine has left our factory. This outstanding machine has an impressive turning capacity of 30,000 kg whereas the maximum work piece diameter is 1,400 mm. The machine is equipped with a robust engine with a power of 105 kW which is able to produce 45,000 Nm turning torque.’

And the Turkish market wants more, Ostrowski explains: ‘The next challenging project is the supply of a TUR 4MN 1,800 x 7,200 machine for another Turkish company. The machine is now being built in our factory.’

High-performance custom-built lathes

FAT Haco, is moving towards big, technically highly advanced machines. There is growing demand for this type of machines. The number of queries from our dealers and from end-users from all over the world to deliver customised solutions is increasing. No problem, says Ostrowski: ‘We offer plenty of possibilities of assembly combinations and different capacities for all our lathes. We focus on producing custom-built lathes which offer the highest performance, the latest technical solutions and competitive prices. We are able to meet expectations of the most demanding customers.’


Looking for a machine that offers a custom-built solution for all your industrial plate processing? Contact us today and we will analyse what we can do for you. 

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