Techni-Show 2014: HACO Netherlands releases new high speed press brake EUROMASTER S

From 11 to the 14th of March HACO Netherlands will attend Techni-Show (Utrecht), the largest trade show for the manufacturing industry in the Benelux. HACO will present its latest high-speed press brake, the EUROMASTER S: a High-End Synchro Pressbrake featuring excellent bending precision. Place to be: stand (7.A092)!

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Last day of Techni-Show

"Yesterday we had a very busy day at our stand", speaks Karlo Maene (HACO Netherlands director). "We heard that 14.000 visitors showed up. Let's hope today will be this busy too!"

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Day 3 at Techni-Show

A busy day at Techni-Show: a lot of students and interested people at our stand, watching our CNC Punch Press (Q3). Andy Raedt (product manager at HACO) bending some parts at the EUROMASTER S Press Brake.

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Day 2 at Techni-Show

Roger Collins (Sales representative at HACO Netherlands) explaining the strenghts of our EUROMASTER S pressbrake.

press brake sheet metal
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Day 1 at Techni-Show
Our HACO-girls next to our new EUROMASTER S press brake: Elegance & Performance!
Techni-Show Press Brake
The first Techni-Show visitors have arrived.

David Dobbelaere, our service engineer, explaining our FastBEND-3D software or how easy bending parts with the EUROMASTER S can be!

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Ready for Technishow!

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