The Haco CNC plasma cutting machine: a jump forward for SWA

Harry Streel once started fixing and cobbling up ploughs on his parents’ farm. Today, he owns his own business in tractor parts and is distributor for John Deere machines for the entire Belgian province of Luxemburg. He has always had an eye for improvement and progress. Now, his company SWA makes the next jump forward with the purchase of a Haco CNC plasma cutting machine.

The gap in the market

His collaboration with John Deere made Streel notice that the services of major manufacturers didn’t entirely meet the customers’ requirements. They do build reliable machines, but as soon as the customer needs a part outside the standard dimensions, they are not able to meet this need. Streel saw the gap in the market and seized the opportunity to distinguish himself from the other distributors by designing and building special parts himself.

Rethink their way of working

This approach worked and the orders started rolling in. So fast even that SWA had to rethink their way of working to maintain a healthy workflow. The production process just took too long. The optical cutting machine was not strong enough and did not deliver top quality. The transport to and from subcontractors also took up too much time in the process.

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  • plasma cutting machine parts
  • plasma cutting machine parts
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Unprecedented ease of use

After a demonstration at Haco, Harry Streel was convinced that the Combicut CNC plasma cutting machine was exactly the machine SWA needed.  provide the user with significant time-saving. The software allows for a fast realization of the design, the cutting plan and the nesting. This does not only save time, it also reduces the residual waste. In addition, this machine also offers a high capacity (high maximum plate thickness), high precision (up to 0,2mm precise) and an unprecedented ease of use.

Today, the Combicut allows SWA to expand their customer base. Their investment in the Haco plasma cutter pays itself back in an optimal production process, quality parts, extra work and excellent word-of-mouth advertising.

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