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When you need more notching capacity, look at our high precision MAXI model

The MAXI series are fixed 90 degree with 6mm (1/4") mild steel notching capacity. This MAXI can notch a 90 degree angle in 6mm (1/4") mild steel with maximum length of 250mm.

The MAXI model has a large working table with adjustable stops and several scales machined into the table surface. The blade clearance is set automatic and a jog mode jogs down the blades.

Ready-to-use package

The MAXI is delivered as a ready-to-use package with full oil tank, manual and 1 set of blades installed.

Standard features:

  • 2 Positioning stops with scale, adjustable every 15°
  • 2 Mechanical Plate hold-downs
  • Stroke adjuster
  • Backstops
  • Automatic blade gap adjustment 
  • Foot-pedal control
  • Transparent safety guard
  • Large working table
  • Dovetail slots and scales
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Instruction manual



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MAXI 250/6
MAXI 250/6